Once you have a new driveway or patio installed, the next job is to get it to stay looking like new for as long as possible.

Over time, your new paving will be hit with the obvious weather conditions, weeds will start to grow, oil will be spilt from the car and general wear and tear will leave it looking drab and tired.

Regularly jetwashing your driveway or patio will keep these elements at bay and keep your paving looking better for longer.

Our team pride themselves in cleaning paving with no outside labour and with our very own machinery so you can rest assured your cleaning will be performed as professionally and efficiently as possible from start to finish.

Ask our friendly team about our jetwashing service and how you can maintain your driveway inbetween washes.

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No mowing, no weeds and no mud!

Restoring your driveway, patio or pathway is a crucial part to it looking its best at all times and preventing extensive repair bills in the future.

Untreated or poorly maintained driveways, patios and pathways will not only look unsightly and make your property look generally unloved but the neglect will also help deteriorate your driveway or patio with general everyday use, weather conditions and vehicles.

Here at Stonebase Paving we highly recommend that your driveway is checked over and restored every year or so, so that it protects the foundations and therefore minimizes the following common paving problems:

  • Sand loss between blocks
  • Block movement
  • Weather damage
  • Corrosion
  • Oil stains
  • Weeds growing between blocks
  • Ant nests forming

Our team are on hand to talk about any problems you may have with your driveway or patio, no matter how small. We welcome all enquiries throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and all surrounding areas.

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